DOR & Fund Contacts

DOR & ECENC FUND CONTACTS:  This information is hard to find, so here is all the publicly available contact information we have. If you find any errors or have additional contact information, please let us know so we can share it with other parents. Hope this helps.

SC Department of Revenue Contacts:
  • Rick Reames, Director, SC Department of Revenue – appears to be personally overseeing ECENC “government takeover” for DOR.  803-898-5040 (office)  &
    • Amy Wright, Director Reames personal assistant.   803-898-5148 (office)  803-896-0023 (fax)
    • Ashley Thomas, Director of Communications. Along with Director Reames, Ms. Thomas appears to be working almost full time on this program.  803-898-5773 (office)    803-360-8876 (cell)
    • Bonnie Swingle, DOR spokesperson.    803-898-5201 (office)
  • Jean Funches, Taxpayer Advocate.   803-898-5444
  • Austin Smith, Deputy Chief of Staff (Cabinet) – Governor’s Office. Contact person with DOR from the Governor’s Office.  803-734-5156 (office)
  • Patrick Maley, SC Inspector General. ( From their homepage:  “Your concerns and input are essential to the success of our mission of assuring a high integrity workforce and a results-oriented, cost-effective state government.”  Hotline: 1-855-723-7283   File a complaint:
  • Meredith Cleland, Deputy Director of Government and Communication Services Division.
  • Joe Dusenbury, Jr., General Counsel.    803-898-5035
  • Milton Kimpson, General Counsel Litigation.  803-898-5131
  • Tax Credit Questions (general  email – no phone #):
    • Sylvan D. Proser, Tax Research Manager, 803-898-5706,    (Attorney managing program, but appears to have gone on extended “leave” immediately after the program July 1 kickoff.)
    • Ruperto “Pert” Manankil, Jr., Tax Analyst, Research & Forms Development, 803-896-1460,  (One person who may actually answer the phone – and go get an answer from the right person.)
  • DOR/TADs Support:  800-477-8237  (Support Hours: M-F 8 AM – 8 PM Central)
ECENC Fund (aka Exceptional SC) Board:
  • Mr. Michael Acquilano, Director, South Carolina Catholic Conference   843-261-0535 (office)  843-709-2717 (cell)
  • Mr. Edward Earwood, Executive Director, South Carolina Association of Christian Schools.   803-798-7558 (office)  843-513-5010 (cell)
  • Mrs. Betsy Fanning, Head of School, Trident Academy      843-884-7046  x11 (school)
  • Dr. Spencer Jordan, Headmaster, Laurence Manning Academy (email not verified)   803-435-2114 (school)
  • Mr. Thomas Persons, ECENC FUND CHAIRMAN –  President & CEO, South Carolina Technology Alliance 803-261-0348 (cell) 803-748-1323 (office)
  • NOTE: The Catholic Diocese SFO (13% of the program) & the SCACS/DESK SFO (2% of the program) have their leadership on this board … but YOU / PKF (85% of the program) has none!!! If anyone is curious why donations are at a relative standstill, service levels are horrible, and DOR keeps making mistake after mistake … this is why. SLOWING the program has always been in our observation the objective of our “opposition”, and with their government friends in control this is bound to be really slow.