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We are at a TIPPING POINT.  Something is going to happen – if we PUSH BACK NOW!!!  Time to FINISH STRONG!!!

For the past month or so … since confirming proof of EMBEZZLEMENT … we have been pushing hard to expose this entire mess to the highest levels.  The various lawsuits are heating up … and the pressure is mounting.  And we are not stopping!!!

That includes in particular GOVERNOR MCMASTER’S Office … Lt. Governor Pamela Evette personally … “friendly” school choice legislators that have said they want to fix this …. and LEADERSHIP in the SC House & SC Senate.

And guess what … THEY ALL KNOW and are doing nothing (so far).

WHY?  Because the opposition is in full panic mode.  They are pulling out all the strings.  Pushing ESAs … even getting the BOARD at (not so) Exceptional SC to send out emails calling for support of ESAs.  Blaming “Jeff & Olga”.  It is in full MELTDOWN MODE … and we are at a TIPPING POINT.


#1 DONATE … or


Pick one … we would prefer you call the Governor’s Office (and report back) … but either one works for us in building the TIPPING POINT as all this is coming to a head RIGHT NOW … and we need your help!!! 

We have spent countless hours, thousands of calls and emails.  Letter after letter.  LAWSUITS!!!  And hundreds of thousands of dollars PERSONALLY fighting this corruption over the past 7 years.  All we are asking for is PARENTS and SCHOOL OFFICIALS to step up and add to the pressure.

We are going to win this … PERIOD … so better to win now than later … and since the Governor’s “friend” has EMBEZZLED MONEY they can’t cover up the problem … so now is the time.

SO PICK … Support the cause … make your tax deductible donation today:

OR …

Trey Walker, Chief of Staff for Governor McMaster
Main Number:  803-734-2100

Thomas Limehouse, Esq., Chief Legal Counsel
Direct:  803-734-6023  
Mobile:  803-609-5807

Sonja Milisic, Special Assistant to the Lt. Governor
Direct:  803-734-1497
Mobile:  803-920-8094


Call or text. 
(Jeff Davis – Cell)


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For Parents

2020-2021 Applications are OPEN!



We now have until August 31st @ 5PM to get in your applications. Please help spread the word … and although NOT First Come / First Served, get your application in ASAP!!!

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For Parents

Government Demands ALL Scholarship Funds Returned!!!



A Maryland 100% government run “Voucher” program started in 2016 has demanded the return of $100,000 in scholarship funds (all funds since the beginning of the program in 2016) from a particular Christian school because … basically … the government officials don’t like the school.

The article demonstrates what we have been saying will happen under 100% government control and administration of a private school choice program. 

(Click image above or HERE)

Technically they are saying the Christian school needs to add an anti-discrimination clause regarding sexual orientation … but other schools without the anti-discrimination clause are not being punished … so it appears to be more “targeting” of a specific school or administration.

That would never happen in SC would it?  We think it already is … but that is a longer discussion.

Anyhow, maybe you agree that XYZ school should not get scholarship funds for whatever reason … but just realize … one day … YOU & YOUR SCHOOL WILL BE “TARGETED” TOO.  Maybe it will be your Christian beliefs, or maybe because you are a Muslim school, or maybe it is because your school leader “speaks up” too much or angered the wrong politician … or the government officials don’t like the curriculum you are teaching … or you don’t use the particular “test” they want you to use … or whatever the reason … know that they will find a reason to “target” your school too … eventually!!!

Why do you think some school leaders today are so “quiet” when it comes to the blatant failings of (not so) Exceptional SC???  They don’t want to be “targeted” as some schools and parents have already been.  Read more here:  Racism? Favoritism? Or BOTH??

Hey, we don’t blame the school leaders or parents that remain silent … but trust that eventually … the government officials are going to come after YOU TOO!!!  

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