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CPA & SCDOR Report Shows Chad Connelly Misappropriated $99,935?



UPDATE (1/27/2020 @ 5PM): Read the FitsNews article:

Wow … just when you thought it could not get worse at (not so) Exceptional SC … SCDOR & the CPA release their annual January 15th, 2020 “report” on the program.

And the “Report” is a virtual treasure trove of malfeasance.  We will have more to come … but the BLOCKBUSTER is the apparent FINANCIAL ABUSES by leadership at (not so) Exceptional SC!!!

Click HERE or picture above for FULL report

Section 12-6-3790 (B)(4) of the ECENC law states “The public charity may expend up to two percent of the fund for administration and related costs.”

The legislative appointed Board Chairman Tom Persons (appointed by Senator Hugh Leatherman) has actually asked legislators for more administrative fees … yet that request has fallen on deaf ears with a resounding NO!!! But it appears they “took” the money anyhow … and took it out of the scholarship funds intended for the kids.

Attached to the 2018-2019 ECENC report were Compiled Financial Statements for the “ECENC Fund” (aka Exceptional SC), issued by The Hobbs Group, P.A. ( The report indicates that (not so) Exceptional SC spent in excess of the allowed 2% for administration and related costs – to be exact, by looking at the statement and after doing a simple math (see below), it appears that $99,935 was misappropriated. With raising $11,575,509 in donations allowed expenses should have NOT exceeded $231,510, yet per SC DOR, Exceptional SC charged $331,445!!!

Note that the CPA exhibit clearly indicates that $183,578 of “Contract Services” was charged as an expense against SCHOLARSHIPS. Basically the former SCGOP Chairman #FireChadConnelly is taking money from the 98% of scholarships to pay himself!!!  Yes, it appears Chad gets paid via “Contract Services” … as the $31,500 appears to be for Administrator Becky Fleming (from the political group First Tuesday Strategies – Are they above the law???

Board Chairman Tom Persons (aka #RemoveTomPersons) has famously claimed that they are an all volunteer group … and personally told us that NOT ONE DIME IS BEING SPENT ON EVEN A HOT DOG … but the CPA / DOR report clearly demonstrates that for the 12 month period … (not so) Exceptional SC spent … $331,445 in expenses.

$331,4445 is a lot of hot dogs Mr. Persons!!!


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2020-01-23-Analysis-v1-995x1024.jpg

Remember when we reported about #FireChadConnelly getting paid $45,200 for two months of work? Well, now it all makes sense … not only did #FireChadConnelly spend $331,445 to “run” Exceptional SC into the ground …  he with the apparent support of #RemoveTomPersons spent $99,935 more than the law allowed to cover his own salary, the administrator Becky Fleming and apparently one other “contractor” … the political operative Dave Wilson from McAlister Communications ( #FollowTheMoney!!!

So … the questions remain, how many jobs does #FireChadConnelly have and did the Exceptional SC Board approve the apparent misappropriation of $99,935 … or did Connelly take the funds without permission???

Exceptional SC Lawyer Response … SILENCE!!!  We reached out to the lawyer at (not so) Exceptional SC …. in case they wanted to respond or clarify anything … and complete SILENCE.  We offered more time to review the report … BUT WE THINK THEY ALREADY KNOW THEY ARE CAUGHT!!!  Our prediction is that this his is not going to be pretty or the likes of #FireChadConnelly or #RemoveTomPersons!!! 

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$250,000 Lawsuit = Board Purge???



Connelly, Kirkland & Page – PURGED FROM BOARD???

To be clear, we have no idea if the two are related … but it appears very coincidental that the week after a lawsuit asking for the return of $250,000 for scholarships … alleging EMBEZZLEMENT … we discover that #FireChadConnelly and the infamous “CPA” … Stephen Kirkland, CPA, CMC … are both GONE from the Board at Palmetto Family Council. Also gone is Randy Page (the Bob Jones University Chief of Staff and long-term associate of Chad Connelly’s) … with all this following the earlier departure of “Dr.” Oran Smith who joined full-time Ellen Weaver & Palmetto Promise Institute.

Of note, Palmetto Family Council no longer shares office space with Palmetto Promise Institute either.  

These were “school choice” cabal members at PFC that were all named as individual defendants in lawsuit(s) related to the ongoing fight to save this program and expose the corruption hurting families and schools. #FollowTheMoney!!!

We also don’t think these are “minor” changes.  These people were the core group in our observation at Palmetto Family Council … as far as we can tell they have all been at PFC for 20 +/- years.  It is a MAJOR shakeup.

the question is will (not so) Exceptional SC Board act and PURGE Connelly next??? 


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Lawsuit filed asking for return of $250,000!!!



Given Exceptional SC Board’s apparent unwillingness to address the issue (at least publicly), a lawsuit has been filed asking for the Court declare that Exceptional SC leadership has violated the simple mathematical 2% maximum of S.C. Code Ann. § 12-6-3790(B)(4) which states the “public charity may expend up to two percent of the fund for administration and related costs” … and to return approximately $250,000 that should have gone to children’s scholarships … but instead appears to have gone into the pockets of Executive Director Chad Connelly and his friends.

For a copy of the lawsuit … click HERE.

Not only has leadership at (not so) Exceptional SC cost children, parents and schools $7.45 MILLION in 2019 tax credits … they have also overpaid themselves (and their friends) an estimated $250,000 … with no apparent intentions to stop the excess spending or pay the money back.

As we have previously reported, CPA financial provided by the SC Department of Revenue demonstrate that $99,935 has been overspent for the fiscal year 7/1/2018 – 6/30/2019.

But it gets much worse when you analyze the current 7/1/2019 – 6/30/2020 fiscal year. An estimated $125,643 has been overspent in just the first 6 months of the current fiscal year … meaning we are approaching a grand total of almost a QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS … that was meant for children’s scholarships.

As we always say … #FollowTheMoney … and stay tuned for more details …

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SC DOR Confirms … No More Donations Accepted for 2019



Although for some unknown reason leadership at (not so) Exceptional SC continues to ILLEGALLY solicit 2019 contributions on their website and in emails … the SC Department of Revenue confirmed with us last week that the unclaimed $7.45 MILLION in 2019 K-12 Tax Credits are now …. LOST FOREVER!!!

The above was the Department’s response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request seeking documentation permitting 2019 tax credits to be claimed in 2020 … as #FireChadConnelly has been telling donors.  Well, NO DOCUMENTS EXISTED … because it is NOT LEGAL!!!

The Department of Revenue further disavowed #FireChadConnelly’s January 17, 2020 email solicitation … for 2019 donations … stating specifically that the “Exhibit A” was not reviewed or approved by the Department of Revenue.  Furthermore, a tax credit may only be taken in the year in which the donation was made.”

But guess what … that does not stop #FireChadConnelly.  He is STILL telling donors and CPAs that they can donate for 2019.  Does he really think CPAs and Tax Attorneys are this stupid?!?!?!

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