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Connelly Makes CPA Association Look Like FOOLS!!!



What Does It Take to Get FIRED?! The Executive Director of our state’s school choice program has NO IDEA how the program works. The above “letter” from #FireChadConnelly was posted on the SC Association of CPAs website.


According to #FireChadConnelly, “you can redirect “ANY of the 73 South Carolina taxes that business pay to the Exceptional SC Scholarship Fund”. While in reality, and yes, we double checked with SC Department Of Revenue, ONLY “Income Taxes” and “Bank Taxes” are eligible for tax credit … NOT “Unprepared Food Tax” or any other …

We brought this to the attention of the SC Association of CPAs … and guess what … they removed the article immediately.  Connelly DUPED them once … not again!!!

CPAs will NEVER trust this guy!!!!

How can you be on the job over two years and not know how the program works! Perhaps this explains why FUNDRAISING has been so bad … Chad Connelly has no idea what he is doing!!! No wonder donors are staying away …

Is the SC Department of Revenue SUPERVISING this guy?!?!?!? The (not so) Exceptional SC Board obviously is not!!!!

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For Parents

“The Landscape Is Changing” – An Opportunity To Fix Everything



As we are still awaiting a formal announcement from “Exceptional SC” as to Chad Connelly & Tom Persons’ separating from Exceptional SC we need you to realize … this is not a VICTORY … it is an OPPORTUNITY!!! 

We are all relieved to have the two biggest opponents to fixing this program in Chad Connelly & Tom Persons OUTGONE … from Exceptional SC … but there is work to be done.

This is the biggest opportunity to fix everything … correct all the problems of the past … but as encouraging as these words might be from the Exceptional SC attorney Friday a week ago … “The landscape is changing” … those are just words from their attorney.  We need ACTION!!!

We have a HUGE PROBLEM … yes!!!  We have all felt that very personally and our children have suffered because of it.  Well now we have an OPPORTUNITY.  Will we have VICTORY?  The next week or so will tell us which direction we are heading.

We really hope we never have to use the name (not so) Exceptional SC ever again!!!  Will it be the last time? It all depends on what happens next … in the next week or so with the remaining FOUR Exceptional SC Board Members.  Will they take advantage of the OPPORTUNITY???

YES … believe it or not … this big mess can ALL be fixed, and fixed soon. There is no reason all $12 MILLION can not be raised before 12/31/2020 if we have independent non-profits involved. We have no doubt we can do it … and fund the scholarships quickly!!!

And NO … outsourcing it to “professional fundraisers” that don’t know how these programs work … will not work …

More on that soon – STAY TUNED…

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For Parents

#FireChadConnelly … FIRED?!?!?



Saturday before last we shared with you the actual JUNE 30, 2020 Exceptional SC bank statements.  The SC Department of Revenue provided them to us … and unfortunately these official documents exposed the real truth … only  $107,338.68 (less outstanding checks) in the bank … and only $8.91 in their brokerage account.

This past week we keep hearing the “chatter” from multiple unrelated sources … is all abuzz with TWO CLAIMS:

#FireChadConnelly (and his entire “team”) are GONE … 

 #RemoveTomPersons is OUT as Board Chairman and OFF the Board completely…

Finally … the straw that broke the camel’s back … And as people say … LinkedIN never lies.  Chad Connelly was super quick at updating his business profile online.  It is pretty easy to tell where his priorities have always been with his LinkedIN:

No formal announcement … as of yet … although FITSNews broke the story on Saturday: 

Obviously this is HUGE NEWS … and there has been no “formal” announcement from Exceptional SC … but we do not think this is an episode of “Punked” … the sources are too numerous and too broad and too unrelated to each other … and as we said this is LONG OVERDUE … so not unexpected at all.

WHY are Connelly & Persons GONE … as if we have to tell you, right?  Most of you know.  Look above … only $40 / incumbent is in the bank today, and we have schools starting next week.  10% scholarships last semester … so families expecting $5,000 only received $500 … and all new families received ZERO.  Tons of problems … big and small … including multiple data breaches … and worst of all … these two people (Connelly & Persons) actively opposed changes and fixes that would have FULLY FUNDED all of our kids … but in doing so would have cut-off their “personal” money flow and control over the program.  All because they did not want this program to be run by independent non-profits … just like EVERY OTHER STATE IN THE NATION for 300,000 students annually.

Connelly & Persons picked themselves over the children … and that was nothing less than unforgivable.  #FollowTheMoney!!!

And then there is the 2% Administrative Fee Cap … and allegations of EMBEZZLEMENT.  That all came out January 25th, 2020 … based on CPA & DOR financial reports.  It is ongoing and not going to be pretty when it all comes out (hopefully sooner rather than later with these new developments) … but if anything … this overspending may be the straw that broke the camel’s back … at least with the SC Department of Revenue. 

Nobody seemed to care (other than a few of our legislator friends … not even the mainstream press) when kids did not get funding … and schools were closing over this mess … but when “important” people might have serious legal liability … and perhaps criminal charges … that fear perhaps is what spurred someone to ACT … finally!!! 

The ongoing question?  So, was all this apparently illegal activity limited to just Chad Connelly and Tom Persons … who seemed to be driving the ship into the ground and refusing all requests for transparency … and were aided by their CPA Firm (who is now not “independent” … which is a huge red flag) & their lawyer(s) …. and backed up by the SC Department of Revenue (who actively opposes this program for political reasons) … or is it a broader problem?

More to come on all of this … we are sure.

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For Parents

Fire Chad Connelly NOW!



The SC Department Of Revenue has responded to our monthly FOIA request and provided us with a copy of (not so) Exceptional SC’s bank statements …

WE WERE RIGHT …. as of June 30th, 2020, (not so) Exceptional SC has on hand:

Wells Fargo business checking account balance: $107,338.68 (less outstanding checks)👇

> Wells Fargo brokerage: $8.91👇

What does that mean for your family? With 2,500 students in the program … about $40 / child!!! And a big majority of you are expecting $5000 for the fall semester … starting in less than 30 days.

Yep, it is GETTING WORSE!!! More questions than answers …. look at the bank statement details. WHO is getting those BIG CHECKS?!?!?!?

EMBEZZLEMENT CONTINUES???: Remember, they only raised $64,627 in June … at 2% that is $1,293 in allowed expenses … yet they spent $3,768 on payroll for Becky. What about Chad & Dave Wilson … $$$.

People … when this all comes out … and it will … it is going to be HUGE!!! #FireChadConnelly … NOW!!!

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