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Paid Advocates, Biggest Failure Yet?



Well, when we thought the “paid advocates” couldn’t have come up with anything more absurd … anything more blatant about their “PAID” AGENDA … they did on Monday!!!! With Governor McMaster center stage … and many of our BIGGEST OPPONENTS standing on the stage with him.

Palmetto Promise Institute … the same FOOLS that said giving this program the THE GOVERNMENT to run would make it Bigger. Better. Faster. … hatched their latest backdoor idea as part of the Federal aid under the CARES Act ….

… a SC “pilot” program to “backdoor” experimental … and FAILING ….ESAs.

That is right … they can not get the legislation passed at the STATE HOUSE … it has TONS of OPPOSITION … so they use the COVID-19 situation to push their “PAID” agenda.

Well ESAs are ESAs … so as predicted it didn’t take long … JUST ONE DAY … and a SC Court issued a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) HALTING the program.

Filed by the attorney son of a senior SC Democrat … and a smart / powerful one … who has pledged to STOP ESAs at ALL COSTS!!!

Who wants to guess who will get PAID to implement the program … ClassWallet??? #FollowTheMoney!!!


More to come next week as there is a COURT HEARING scheduled for Wednesday JULY 29th …. but this debacle has not only ANGERED the “left” … it has ANGERED many on the “right” as well.

The WORST “roll-out” EVER!!!!

We may be watching the complete destruction of Governor Henry McMaster’s political career as he follows the bad advice of Ellen Weaver, Jim DeMint … and the “paid” agenda of Palmetto Promise Institute.

STAY TUNED … & #FollowTheMoney!!!

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For Parents

Only $165,579 raised in September



Friends, it is not really getting any better is it? 

Our personal SC State Representative, Jason Elliott (R – Greenville) … not someone we like anymore as he has lied to us for years now and is working with his PAID ADVOCATE “masters” at Palmetto Promise Institute (Jim DeMint, Ellen Weaver & “Dr.” Oran Smith) … promised that his bill H 3899 that became law on May 17th, 2021 would fix everything. 


On September 14th, 2021, (not so) Exceptional SC announced that there would be NO FALL SCHOLARSHIPS.  Why?  Because they don’t have the money because Rep. Jason Elliott’s H 3899 was a LIE and a COMPLETE FAILURE!!!


We dug the top picture up from the archives … what Jason told us a while back.  The schools are satisfied???  #Really???  He doesn’t respond anymore … curious why?  Sad …

And this from last summer / fall.  Remember Jason & Palmetto Promise Institute‘s other bright idea.  A lawsuit was filed the day after their idea was announced … and the trial court IMMEDIATELY SHUT IT DOWN!!!

And a few months  later in October the SC SUPREME COURT ruled their MONIED SPECIAL INTEREST plan UNCONSITUTIONAL!!!

But guess what … in September 2021 … they have figured it out now???  Back pushing the same MONIED SPECIAL INTEREST PLAN!!!  Anybody buying this???

Shame on YOU Rep. Jason Elliott!!!

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For Parents

No Fall Scholarships – (not so) Exceptional SC “speaks”



No surprise … but last week (not so) Exceptional SC confirmed NO FALL SCHOLARSHIPS!!!

Their ONE JOB is to issue scholarships … and THEY FAILED AGAIN!!!

We (and y’all) knew this because we have been tracking their bank balances … but they finally admitted it this week.  See their full email update below.

And yes, this is their FIRST email / parents update since May 27th … nearly 4 months.  Why are parents and school officials being kept in the dark??? 


Sorry folks, as predicted, nothing is changing!

INDEPENDENT NON-PROFITS … just like in every other state in the nation … is the only thing that will fix this debacle.

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For Parents

SLED UPDATE – Chad Connelly Embezzlement Matter



Back in March, the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office issued a FORMAL referral to SLED (State Law Enforcement Division) to investigate the Chad Connelly “Embezzlement Matter”.  

This is a known and disclosed fact … yet Chad Connelly has been running around South Carolina telling folks there is no SLED investigation.  Wow, this is sad. 

Well, last week we sent letters inquiring into the status of the investigation.  It has been four months, so maybe they had an update.

Well, we received a reply … and apparently the investigation is still ongoing. 

This is going to be BIG friends.  We don’t think this one can be swept under the rug.  We are told that South Carolina law enforcement knows they have to do something and they know people are watching.  South Carolina is known for it’s PUBLIC CORRUPTION

What has gone on with our school choice program is in our opinion PUBLIC CORRUPTION at its worst!!!

“SLED or any other agency”???OR ANY OTHER AGENCY???  Who else may be looking into Chad Connelly and this embezzlement matter???  Maybe just standard lawyer language … or was this a clue that other law enforcement agencies are looking into this matter.

This is a highly political matter.  Chad Connelly is friends with A LOT of political figures.  But even though some folks have tried to cover up for Chad … there are people trying to expose this matter for us, for you, and most importantly for your K-12 children.  

Stay tuned … and KEEP PUSHING!!!  Expose them all!!!

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