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Connelly Paid $45,200 for 2 months work?

Amended tax return after inquiries exposes what (not so) Exceptional SC was hiding?



#3. Chad Connelly – GETS PAID $45,200 – for 2 months work?:   Well, maybe this explains why they did not file the tax return timely.  Perhaps they were trying to figure out a way not to disclose how much they were paying Chad Connelly.  As you recall the original draft they provided us (with the names of their donors – DATA BREACH???) did not list Connelly’s compensation as required by law.  Well … after our repeated requests … and reminders about the law … his compensation was disclosed.

$45,200 in calendar year 2017 (but he was hired November 2nd, 2017?)

But that $45,200 is not for 12 months … it is just for the calendar year 2017.  And when was it announced that Chad Connelly had been hired?  NOVEMBER 2, 2017.

$45,200 for 2 months work??? 

Doing it for the kids right?

At $45,200 for two months … $22,600 a month … that equates to:

$271,200 / year!!!

And don’t forget about the CPA, Stephen Kirkland … Chad’s fellow board member at Palmetto Family Council …  who helped him get this “job”.

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For Parents




We exposed these legal violations by the (not so) Exceptional SC Board in February 2020 … raised the ALARM that Chad Connelly was lining his pockets with scholarship funds intended for YOUR CHILDREN … and we now finally have the confirmation of what happened.

We sent a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the SC Department of Revenue and they provided us with this MEMO from Director Hartley Powell.

It clearly states the LAW …. and confirms that the (not so) Exceptional SC Board was violating the LAW.

Seven days latter … this “resignation” email was sent out by Board Chairman Tom Persons.

We will continue to track and PUSH this issue such that the “misappropriated” money is RETURNED … and the GUILTY PARTIES (which includes the entire BOARD of Exceptional SC) are held accountable. 


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For Parents

H 3899 Bill Filed … a JOKE!!!



Well, the legislators leading this fiasco showed their agenda AGAIN last week … and it is NOT ABOUT KIDS!!!

What did they do???

They “rewarded” the (not so) Exceptional SC Board with a QUADRUPLED INCREASE in their Administrative Fees …

And worse … they are removing the LEGISLATIVE APPOINTMENT language so the BOARD WILL BE PERMANENT … and legislators will be able to say “there is nothing we can do”?!?!?!

It is getting to a BREAKING POINT … they are getting DESPERATE … and this bill is perfect evidence of that desperation!!!

And if you think that is all bad … this is a FIRST IN THE NATION …

… they want the SC Department of Education to “donate” $12 MILLION to (not so) Exceptional SC. SAY WHAT???

Read it … it is right there in the title of the bill (picture up top) … or read the bill here

Insanity!!!  Another square peg in a round hole. ANYTHING except what every other state does …


“Who” is behind it?

Rep. Jason Elliott (R – Greenville)

Rep. Shannon Erickson (R – Beaufort)

It is personal folks … and these legislators care more about their personal vendettas and their “monied” SPECIAL INTEREST supporters … than they do about YOUR KIDS!!!

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For Parents




Well, we are getting reports from parents and school officials that the checks that are going out are approximately 20% of tuition.

Why would (not so) Exceptional SC not tell parents how much specifically they were receiving … or even generally how much … we can only speculate … but we are hearing the amounts are approximately 20%.

The home stretch of the 2020-2021 school year is here … the promised funding is not … there is not even a plan in place on what to expect …. other than the pitiful 20% no communications whatsoever!!! Politics over children … AGAIN?

We offered a solution … to raise the full 2020 $12 million by 12/31 …. and next year’s $12 million in early January 2021.  That was $24 MILLION by 1/31/2021!!! Well … they knew better … NOT!

Yet YOU lost $7.5 MILLION in 2019 … $8 MILLION in 2020 … and with the current fundraising pace … YOU will lose even more in 2021.

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