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South Carolina ESA Bill Falling Apart



We reported on the entire Education Savings Account debacle in Nevada a few years ago (you can read all about it HERE) … pushed by the same people opposing us here in South Carolina … and how that Nevada debacle harmed so many kids in that state.

Well, that same ESA lobby was able to pass an ESA law in Tennessee in the spring of 2019 … and it is TOTALLY BLOWING UP NOW … just like in NEVADA!!! And yes, it is the same people pushing ESAs here in SC today. #FollowTheMoney!!!

It all started shortly after the ESA bill was passed in Tennessee … starting with the FBI investigating the matter.

For the article click HERE or the picture above

Then came the financial improprieties of a $2.53 MILLION contract for a technology company (#FollowTheMoney) called ClassWallet. YES, $2.53 MILLION before one child gets a single dime!!!

For the article click HERE or the picture above

For the article click HERE or the picture above

For the article click HERE or the picture above

Now come the LAWSUITS to shut down the ESA program before it even starts.

For the article click HERE or the picture above

There are even bi-partisan bills that have been filed in Tennessee to shut down the ESA program … it is an entire fiasco … and the same people are here in South Carolina opposing our work and pushing for these ESAs here. #JustSayNO!!!!

The word is getting around at the SC State House about what a DEBACLE the Education Savings Accounts really are. Legislators are hearing (as we expose the mess in Tennessee & Nevada) … and they are figuring out that the “Paid” Advocates are pushing an inferior … and defective … solution just to line their pockets.

The S 556 ESA sub-committee meeting scheduled for last Thursday was CANCELLED … AGAIN.

Just imagine if all these “paid” advocates were actually trying to help fix (not so) Exceptional SC …. how many KIDS would be getting scholarships today!!! BUT, as we have figured out … it is all about the MONEY to them … and there is NO MONEY for them fixing Exceptional SC … so no help.

The sad part is … some of these “paid” advocates are our friends.  We get that they individually need their jobs … have bills to pay … but when you work for an organization that is only about the money … pushing a self interested monied agenda … not something we could do personally.

SO NOW … let’s tie it all back into the past few weeks here in South Carolina …. and legislators pushing for the technology company ClassWallet:

All starting to make sense? #FollowTheMoney!!!

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For Parents

$31,999 Raised in October – WORST MONTH YET!!!



OCTOBER FUNDRAISING  –  WORST YET  –  $31,999:  Friends … October was the worst fundraising month yet for the (not so) Exceptional SC Board.  Worse than even January 2020 … BEFORE they were even open / accepting donations.

October 2020 Fundraising: $31,999.00 = $1,032.23 / day

Below for your reference are the results from 2019.  It does not take a rocket scientist to conclude this is going to be a disaster … AGAIN. 

The (not so) Exceptional SC Board cost children $7.45 MILLION in 2019

… it now appears the (not so) Exceptional SC Board will cost children $10 MILLION +/- in 2020.

We call that … Board malpractice!!!

So why won’t they PUT THE KIDS FIRST?!?!?!?

So where is (not so) Exceptional SC:  Well … the (not so) Exceptional SC Board sent a few email blasts to parents and school officials back in September … after Chad Connelly was fired … pushing for the legislature to INCREASE THEIR FEES … clearly reflecting their priorities (#FollowTheMoney!!!),
… so we know the (not so) Exceptional SC Board knows “how” to send email updates.
So why then has the (not so) Exceptional SC Board gone silent …. again???


They asked for (or offered to do) the JOB.  So make them!!!



  • Ask them if they will support INDEPENDENT NON-PROFITS
  • Ask them if they will meet to discuss a solution. 
  • Tell them they are killing the program.
  • Let them know what this is doing to your family.
  • It is not hard … but the time for them to speak-up is YESTERDAY!!!  

Betsy Fanning
Head of School, Trident Academy
843-884-7046 x111 (school)

Michael Acquilano, JD
Charleston Diocese 
843-261-0535 (office)
843-709-2717 (cell)

Edward Earwood
Executive Director
SC Association of Christian Schools  
803-798-7558 (office)
843-513-5010 (cell)

Dr. Spencer Jordan
Executive Director
SC Association of Independent Schools  &  
803-535-4820 (office)

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For Parents

Senator Vince Sheheen – GONE!!!



We have talked with A LOT of parents and friends in Senator Vincent Sheheen’s district (D – Camden) over the past few years … exposing his opposition to the K-12 tax credit program … and NOBODY was happy about what he has been doing to our kids … what he was doing to YOUR KIDS!!!

As you all know … Senator Sheheen lead the charge to KILL THIS PROGRAM!!!

Senator Sheheen is also the one who called Governor Nikki Halley a “whore” back in 2014 … but that is a different story about Senator Sheheen … just indicative of “who” he really is.

For video click image above or HERE

As for our program … as recently as September 23rd, 2020 … during the middle of a pandemic …  Senator Sheheen KILLED the SC House Amendment to help with a few minor tweaks.  Nothing big … just minor tweaks.  What arrogance!!!

For video click image above or HERE

Well … it cost him re-election … and now, one of the MOST POWERFUL legislators in the SC Senate is GONE!!! 

Will someone else step up to be “the voice” of the opposition to kill fixing this program?  Maybe … but we think they would be crazy to do so … so we shall have to wait and see.  We will however be ready!!!

THANK YOU PENRY GUSTAFSON … our “new” SC State Senator from Camden.  Penry is a good friend and we fully expect will be a HUGE supporter of this program and YOUR KIDS!!!

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For Parents

Governor Asks SC Supreme Court to Reconsider



Well, for now … they are going to keep trying to FORCE the “failed” Government Run Education Savings Account (ESA or GRESA) process.

Don’t let the article title fool you.  Yes, it is the US Attorney for the State of South Carolina that has filed the brief … but “who” is the US Attorney for SC?

Peter McCoy is our US Attorney.  

Peter is good guy for all we know … we have no problems with him … but he was most recently a member of the SC House of Representatives.

And for some reason … HE DID NOT sponsor H 3202 / S 131 (the tax credit scholarship bill) … we did not push hard … and we guess due to the LIES spread by the “paid” advocates …

… but he did sponsor the “paid” advocates ESA / GRESA bill (H 3681 / S 523 / S 556) that has been a total disaster …  

… and then Representative Peter McCoy WITHDREW HIS SPONSORSHIP when he realized what a political disaster this ESA / GRESA bill was.

For the full bill and history click HERE

All those representatives and more got off that ESA / GRESA bill right after they had two hearings on it in the HOUSE.  We were there … it was a total mess. 

So … don’t be fooled by the ongoing efforts to push through the ESA / GRESA … we don’t think it is going anywhere.

Perhaps we need to REMIND the Governor’s Office that we have a 100% LEGAL, bulletproof, and PROVEN solution …


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