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Have You Received a 2nd Semester Scholarship? The Poll Results Are In!



According to our poll 65.4% of parents / families have not received a 2nd semester scholarship check, 34.6% “have not heard” and we did not have one person/family that confirmed receiving a 2nd semester scholarship check … we realize that our emails do not reach every family participating in the program but it is hard to believe that (not so) Exceptional SC would have $2 MILLION in the bank, sent money to schools and not one person could confirm they received a grant …

Why did we ask for the parents to participate in the poll?

Just recently we called out #FireChadConnelly‘s claim to the press that (not so) Exceptional SC had raised $2 million this year (read the article HERE). We challenged them to prove it …. we sent a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request to the SC Department of Revenue to see if they would validate it (or at least to put DOR on legal notice as what we believe to be another lie) … and we challenged the reporter to get PROOF from DOR or Exceptional SC that the $2 million had actually been raised.

No one has been able to get / provide any proof as of yet … no surprise … probably because there is none … but we will keep pushing. 

The sad part is we don’t think Connelly and the (not so) Exceptional SC Board realized, as we do, that Parents & School Officials would immediately put it together that if they had $2 million in the bank … Parents could expect scholarships SOON!!!  We warned parents not to count on it until we get proof.

Well, we did not get any proof … no one ever seems to from this ZERO transparency organization … but interestingly enough Exceptional SC sent out a special update a few days later on March 18th with a statement saying “Just this week, we issued our initial second semester checks to schools and will continue to do so as funds are available.”


Has $2 MILLION BEEN SENT OUT???  If so, why not say that???  Are there no more funds available today???  Why can’t we get ANY specifics from Board Chairman Tom Persons who publicly promised transparency when the government appointed officials and SC Department of Revenue first took over???

Anyhow, you know our opinion, but if $2 MILLION was sent out … we would expect LOTS of parents to have received checks.

Stay tuned …

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For Parents

SLED UPDATE – Chad Connelly Embezzlement Matter



Back in March, the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office issued a FORMAL referral to SLED (State Law Enforcement Division) to investigate the Chad Connelly “Embezzlement Matter”.  

This is a known and disclosed fact … yet Chad Connelly has been running around South Carolina telling folks there is no SLED investigation.  Wow, this is sad. 

Well, last week we sent letters inquiring into the status of the investigation.  It has been four months, so maybe they had an update.

Well, we received a reply … and apparently the investigation is still ongoing. 

This is going to be BIG friends.  We don’t think this one can be swept under the rug.  We are told that South Carolina law enforcement knows they have to do something and they know people are watching.  South Carolina is known for it’s PUBLIC CORRUPTION

What has gone on with our school choice program is in our opinion PUBLIC CORRUPTION at its worst!!!

“SLED or any other agency”???OR ANY OTHER AGENCY???  Who else may be looking into Chad Connelly and this embezzlement matter???  Maybe just standard lawyer language … or was this a clue that other law enforcement agencies are looking into this matter.

This is a highly political matter.  Chad Connelly is friends with A LOT of political figures.  But even though some folks have tried to cover up for Chad … there are people trying to expose this matter for us, for you, and most importantly for your K-12 children.  

Stay tuned … and KEEP PUSHING!!!  Expose them all!!!

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For Parents

Exceptional SC’s Secretary of State Financial Report Late



Annually (not so) Exceptional SC is required to file a TAX RETURN as well as REGISTER with the SC Secretary of State.  The latest extended deadline for the 7/1/2019-6/30/2020 tax return is May 15th, 2021.  We have been trying to get a copy of the tax return, a PUBLIC DOCUMENT, to no avail … so the situation seems VERY curious.

So we checked this week with the SC Secretary of State’s Office.  Filing the TAX RETURN with the Secretary of State is the “Financial Report”.  That was due as well May 15th, 2021.  As of today, it has not been filed.

What does that mean?  Well, technically Exceptional SC is still registered for right now, the SC Secretary of State’s Office confirmed that “There is currently a violation for that delinquent report that is accruing a fine of $10/day.”

Just further evidence the Government Appointed Board Members at (not so) Exceptional SC have no idea what they are doing.

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For Parents

2021-2022 Application Update



Application Open

(not so) Exceptional SC … late … but FINALLY … opened applications for the new school year … with a limited time to apply until JUNE 30th!!!

TADS Link to Apply:  Click HERE

Eligibility Form:  Click HERE

Basically … if you are  #1 a NEW FAMILY or #2 a returning family that did NOT apply in 2020-2021 … the application process will be open until JUNE 30th.  

For everyone else, your application will ROLL-OVER.  Always double check with (not so) Exceptional SC however to be safe.   
TRANSFERING SCHOOLS???:  The below form was also included in the email update this week.  A little strange as it was just typed in the email text … but nonetheless, this is the information they need if a student transfers to a different school.

There was no mention in the email, so maybe the above form / image is the safest route … but you can always try the below link they have online as well.  AGAIN, always double check with (not so) Exceptional SC however to confirm receipt of your child’s information.  

Online Form:

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