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May Fundraising – Failing $89,234.53!!!



The SC Department Of Revenue has responded to a FOIA request with the most recent fundraising update. (not so) Exceptional SC & #FireChadConnelly only raised only $89,234.53 in the month of May.

That is only $639,666.94 for the first FIVE MONTHS of 2020 … while our neighbors in GEORGIA with a similar income tax credit program raised $81.8 MILLION by January 7th – YES – in ONLY 7 DAYS!!!

HOW MUCH IS THAT PER CHILD?   Think about it this way … with an estimated 2,500 kids in the program … Exceptional SC raised a whooping … $35.69 per child.

AND HOW MUCH IS THAT YEAR TO DATE?   Only $256 per child and $4,569 per school on average.  Are we starting to see the problem?!?!?!

EVEN WORSE …. THEY ARE ON TRACK TO RAISE $1.5 MILLION IN 2020!!!   Yep, that is it … at this pace (not so) Exceptional SC and #FireChadConnelly will only raise $1.5 MILLION in 2020 … just 1/3rd of what was raised last year and we all know how bad that has been.

Again, are we starting to see the problem?!?!?!

Thanks … for nothing … Chad Connelly!!!  #FollowTheMoney!!! 

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For Parents

H 3899 Bill Filed … a JOKE!!!



Well, the legislators leading this fiasco showed their agenda AGAIN last week … and it is NOT ABOUT KIDS!!!

What did they do???

They “rewarded” the (not so) Exceptional SC Board with a QUADRUPLED INCREASE in their Administrative Fees …

And worse … they are removing the LEGISLATIVE APPOINTMENT language so the BOARD WILL BE PERMANENT … and legislators will be able to say “there is nothing we can do”?!?!?!

It is getting to a BREAKING POINT … they are getting DESPERATE … and this bill is perfect evidence of that desperation!!!

And if you think that is all bad … this is a FIRST IN THE NATION …

… they want the SC Department of Education to “donate” $12 MILLION to (not so) Exceptional SC. SAY WHAT???

Read it … it is right there in the title of the bill (picture up top) … or read the bill here

Insanity!!!  Another square peg in a round hole. ANYTHING except what every other state does …


“Who” is behind it?

Rep. Jason Elliott (R – Greenville)

Rep. Shannon Erickson (R – Beaufort)

It is personal folks … and these legislators care more about their personal vendettas and their “monied” SPECIAL INTEREST supporters … than they do about YOUR KIDS!!!

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For Parents




Well, we are getting reports from parents and school officials that the checks that are going out are approximately 20% of tuition.

Why would (not so) Exceptional SC not tell parents how much specifically they were receiving … or even generally how much … we can only speculate … but we are hearing the amounts are approximately 20%.

The home stretch of the 2020-2021 school year is here … the promised funding is not … there is not even a plan in place on what to expect …. other than the pitiful 20% no communications whatsoever!!! Politics over children … AGAIN?

We offered a solution … to raise the full 2020 $12 million by 12/31 …. and next year’s $12 million in early January 2021.  That was $24 MILLION by 1/31/2021!!! Well … they knew better … NOT!

Yet YOU lost $7.5 MILLION in 2019 … $8 MILLION in 2020 … and with the current fundraising pace … YOU will lose even more in 2021.

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For Parents

$2,200 Raised in January – $70 MILLION in Georgia!!!



South Carolina Tax Credit Fail

This is insane … this is ridiculous.

Georgia INDEPENDENT NON-PROFITS as a comparison raised $70 MILLION in just the first 8 days of January. $70 MILLION vs. $2,200!!!

And remember, we gave legislators a PLAN for $24 MILLION to be raised by 1/21/2021 … at no cost to the SC Budget. 

It was simple … and FREE … until Rep. Jason Elliott (R – Greenville) KILLED IT!!!

Rep. Elliott is in the bag for Palmetto Promise Institute, Jim DeMint (his former employer) … and the MONIED SPECIAL INTEREST like ClassWallet!!!

Your kids are suffering …. and Rep. Jason Elliott is one of the biggest problems!!!

And worse … he is our personal House Rep. here in Greenville District 22.  It is not pretty!!!


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